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Hard Disk Recovery Services

When working on a computer system,We store large amount of data in the hard disk every day. The corruption and damage of the Hard disk creates critical problem of loosing the valuable data. In this case you need Hard disk Recovery Services to recover data from the failed hard disks.

Data Recovery from the corrupted, crashed or damaged Hard disk drive can be broadly categorized into:

  • Physical Data Recovery
  • Logical Data Recovery

Physical Data Recovery means recovery of data from the Physical drive crashes. The need of Physical data recovery arises when there is physical problem with the media or it becomes difficult to get back the data. Hard disk needs Physical data recovery in the following cases:

  • Hard disk crash
  • Damaged Logic cards
  • Head crashes
  • Fire or heat damages
  • Shocks or abuses
  • Water and fire damages
  • Broken spindles
  • Damaged platters

Logical Data Recovery means recovery of data from the lost, crashed and corrupted file(s) and folder(s), re-partitioned drives and accidental partition deletion of the logical drives.

Hard Drives can fail for many reasons. When your hard drive starts making strange noises that you know are not normal and your OS freezes or won't even boot up, chances are that your hard drive has failed. One of the most important thing you need to know in this situation is that if your drive is making peculiar sounds, SHUT DOWN your computer system!!! Keeping power to your computer can cause further damages to the drive and may lessen the possibility of any data recovery.

You may also have a failed or failing hard drive if you often get the errors like:

  • "No Operating System Found"
  • "Hard Disk Drive Not Found"
  • "Drive Failure Eminent"
  • "Drive Read Failure"
  • "Drive Write Failure"
  • "Bad Track Error"
  • "Bad Sector Error"

In any of the above cases of data loss, we can help you to get back data quickly and conveniently. Simply contact one of our Data Recovery technician via phone or by filling up our Data Recovery form, they will evaluate your specified problem and provide you with a simple set of instructions to follow in order to start the process of recovery.

 Note: Do not try anything in your bad or damaged device. Send it to our  highly equipped Data Recovery Labs.