Data Recovery Pune

Data Recovery Process

Once you have shipped your recoverable Storage Media to us, our Data Recovery technician(s) will start the process of recovery.

Data Recovery Pune follows logical and systematic data recovery process to recover or repair the corrupt or lost data and files. Our Data Recovery process is as follows:

Receiving the Storage Media :

You can contact us through E-mails, phone calls or personally visit with your corrupt hard drive(s) to our data recovery Lab. Our data recovery technician will repair your corrupt hard drive.

FREE Evaluation of your drive:

After receiving the damaged or corrupted media, our recovery technician starts the evaluation process. A mirror image of the corrupt media is created and analyzed.

Price Quotation:

After completely examining the drive, we provide a price quote which includes initial diagnosis, total recovery cost and estimated completion date of the data recovery service. This price quote is provided to you within 24 hours of receipt of your hard drive.

“The price quote of Data Recovery may vary upon the extent of damaged data which has to be recovered.”


As soon as we receive your approval after we have offered you the price quote, we start the process of recovery.

Data Recovery Process:

In the process of data recovery , the corrupt drive or media is thoroughly checked sector by sector and every possible action is employed to recover every bit of data from your hard drive.


After we have recovered your data, we ensure that you have completely verified your lost data which has been recovered by us. We Do Not Charge anything from you if we are unable to recover your lost data.

Returning your data:

After you have completely analyzed the recovered data, we return back your data in the repaired drive or in a new hard drive,or in a writeable CD or tape cartridge

A copy of your recovered data is kept with us for one week to ensure successful re-installation of your data. Once you have installed the recovered data, we purge off your data with secured means from our storage vaults.