Data Recovery Pune

Server Recovery Services

Data Recovery Pune offers professional Server data recovery services to recover and retrieve loss data from the corrupted RAID server, Exchange Server and NAS/SAN Server.

Due tothe following cases Data stored in Server losses:

  • Server won't boot
  •  Inaccessible drives and partitions
  •  Corrupt files/data
  •  Virus attacks
  •  Applications that are unable to run or load data
  •  Bad sectors
  •  Hard disk drive component failure
  •  Hard drive crashes
  •  Fire or water damage
  •  Accidental reformatting of partitions
  •  Accidental deletion of data
  •  Media surface contamination and damage

Our Data Recovery technicians successfully recover data from the above mentioned reasons.

RAID Server Recovery

Our data recovery technicians can recover any RAID system configuration whether it is controlled by hardware or software. We provide complete data recovery solutions from any crashed servers and corrupt data media.

We have ingeniousness in recovery from RAID disk arrays and server (any RAID levels 0-7 RAID 10, RAID 53); Exchange and SQL databases to name a few.

Exchange Server Recovery

Email communication system has encouraged number of companies to operate their business through emails, as a result each company now has configured an Exchange Server. The Exchange Server acts as a destination where all the received and sent mails get stored. The server contains all the employee mails, client interactions, their contact addresses and every information related to the company’s email management system.

In case if the MS Exchange Server goes down, the complete chain of communication gets interrupted.

We at Data Recovery Pune can successfully convert .OST files (Offline Storage files) to .PST (Personal Storage files).